Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wandering Samurai Kills Cthulhu

This battle is based on the Godzilla-King-Kong postulate:

 You cannot rationally ask who would win the fight of Godzilla vs. King Kong (DO NOT mention the movie. It was horrible and and full of lies--like Satan). 

If Godzilla is 300 feet tall, he would axe-kick King Kong (50 ft) with his chubby reptile legs. Game over. Therefore, you must ask who would win the fight if they were both the same size

Godzilla has teeth, claws, and thermonuclear breath. He's pretty fast and strong, but come on. King Kong would wade through it like a boss until Godzilla got too close. It would take a few seconds for the enraged King Kong to dismember Godzilla with his hands. Game really over.

What I'm trying to say, is that if Cthulhu was as tall as Kenshin, he would be cut down immediately. I mean, what all does he have going for him if not his immensity? Oooh, gonna give you spooky dreams and wriggle my tentacle-stache at you! Ia!


Huge fan of both, regardless, but they haven't made an awesome movie about Cthulhu yet. Kenshin, however... Well, this should be freaking awesome:

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